A Bit About Us

KCC was set up in 2006 by Kahleen Crawford, and the company has been very lucky to have picked up some like minded casting talent along the way. We are energetic, imaginative, and resourceful, with strong relationships with talent and agents. We are also nice humans. Scroll down to meet us.



Kahleen’s childhood love of black and white films and the actors in them, and obsession with Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, were the start of what led her graduate from Glasgow University with a degree in film and television with theatre studies.

After graduation, she moved to London to work in live television production, but after several months of ludicrous lectures from her boss (the highlight being a showdown regarding the apparently life-threatening lack of decaffeinated earl grey tea in the production office) Kahleen quit her job and drove back to Glasgow.

A fortnight later, and back working at the bar she had worked at when she was a student, Kahleen decided to try and get her ideal job in casting. She applied for a job as an agent’s assistant, but a lengthy telephone conversation led to the agent instead telling Kahleen about a new casting company, set up a few months earlier by Gillian Berrie of Sigma Films. Kahleen started in casting the next day. She thanks Maryam for her time, advice, and for not hiring her, and Gillian for hiring her.

Kahleen set up KCC in 2006, and moved to London again in 2014. She will never yell at anyone about speciality tea.



Danny started in the industry as an actor after graduating from the RCS (known then as the RSAMD) and moving to London. He was pretty lucky and spent ten years doing all sorts of the weird and wonderful things on stage and camera that make up a modern acting career, but despite being busy Danny found he was more and more frustrated at not being involved in the early creative stages of film and TV. Danny realised that going into casting was the thing for him. He was lucky enough to gain some really valuable experience working with some top casting directors in London, but when he met Kahleen in 2007, he decided moving back to Glasgow to work with her was the thing to do.

Danny has never looked back since*.

*he insists neither has Kahleen.



Caroline trained in drama education at Central School of Speech and Drama in London, with the aim of working in drama, but after a year of teaching in Singapore she took a swift diversion into television production as a favour to a friend. After working her way through various roles in production assisting and research, she was asked to find extras for an in house whisky documentary and discovered casting.

After several years of freelancing on ads, short films and music vids, Caroline landed work as a casting assistant on Taggart, the mothership of many a Scottish actor’s career. Working on the show made her determined to continue in casting, so she bit the bullet and moved back to London in order to keep working for her bosses. However, after some time well served in the big smoke, in 2008 she found herself jobless and penniless….for approximately two hours. In a freakishly timely fashion, Kahleen rang desperately looking for holiday cover on a film, so Caroline packed two weeks’ worth of clothes and got on a train to Glasgow. She has never left.

From street casting to musicals to Shakespeare, no two days at KCC have been the same for Caroline since.



Perhaps a slightly unconventional route into casting, Ross graduated from university with a degree in Biology. However, shortly after this he was offered the opportunity to assist a casting director for a couple of months in the search for a new young lead actor for CBBC, which seemed too intriguing to turn down. Until then, theatre, film and TV had only been a passion, but this insight in to the world of casting confirmed for Ross that science was no longer the career for him.

Ross has been fortunate enough in the last few years to work with some of the top casting directors in London before moving to Glasgow at the beginning of 2016. Fresh back in the motherland, Ross reached out to Kahleen, and in that same week a vacancy opened up at KCC….we like to think it was fate!